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Anyone can learn to improvise and anyone does! Easy to understand skills result in self-confidence, teamwork and great fun for all.

The next beginner 'Prepare to be Unprepared' classes will start in term 2, 2010, running for 9 consecutive Thursday evenings at Daramalan College, Dickson, costing $180.

Learn the basic skills that make all group improvised performance possible, plus performance "games" (commonly used in our shows), should you wish to appear on stage with us. If, like many students, performing publicly is not your desire, Impro is still a really fun way to socialise and meet new people or to increase your levels of positivity, creativity and communication skills.

Secure your place now by paying online (credit cards and PayPal accepted) or register your interest by contacting Catherine Hagarty via or on 1300 851055.

For returning players, "Got Game" and "Stagecrew" will continue in 2010 as well as other new and exciting classes.

About the courses

Class members playing a game called spacejump

Our courses are based on the models used by other impro groups, allowing players to freely participate if they move to another city or simply enter a one-off competition somewhere else.

Each course runs one night per week for nine weeks at Daramalan College, Dickson, 7:00pm - 9:45pm, and cost $180 in total.

In the beginners course, "Prepare To Be Unprepared", we teach all the basic skills of improvisation and enough of the performance games to equip you to begin participating in shows, should you choose to. Students learn that impro is not about being clever. The best performers are team players that train themselves well in certain basic principles and can then demonstrate them on stage. Improvisation is about training the mind to express itself spontaneously, rather than training it to think quickly. Anyone can do it!

Class members playing a game called expert doublefigures

Sessions are a lot of fun, with most attendees forming lasting friendships. Many have little or no previous theatrical experience and this presents no disadvantage in learning the very specific skills of impro. Many have no ambition to be performers, but do the course to promote self-confidence, creative thinking, etc. Whilst they certainly achieve these aims, the majority end up reaching the point where they'd like to perform, anyway.

A range of advanced classes are available for those who have completed "Prepare To Be Unprepared" or a similar course in another city. In these courses, participants learn many more improvisation games & skills and hone their stagecraft with more individualised care.

Head tutors are Nick Byrne and PJ Williams, each having extensive professional experience in both impro and the theatre industry generally.


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