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About us

Nick Byrne enjoying a quiet moment

Nick Byrne enjoying a quiet moment.

Impro Theatre ACT is based on the popular short-form impro groups that started springing up all over the world after Keith Johnstone in Canada created Theatresports. In Australia, most capital cities have booming impro movements with literally hundreds of participants.

If you've ever seen Theatresports or the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway" or even the new Australian show, "Thank God You're Here", then you'd be familiar with the sort of thing we do.

We are in a constant process of developing our skills and usually present them in shows consisting of 20-30 short scenes, which are usually comic, (though this is not necessarily the case). Scenes are created from titles suggested by the audience or an MC, and performed as "games" which each have a different set of ground rules, (eg. as a One Word At A Time Story or as a Mime or as a Song). There are literally hundreds of different games and we're creating more all the time.

Whilst there was a similar organisation in Canberra back in the late 1980's, Impro Theatre ACT began in April 2005. Since then, we have trained around many great performers and have performed monthly shows at The Street Theatre since July 2005, as well as several performances elsewhere. Those who join our courses are not required to perform in public, but those who choose can be invited to play in the monthly shows.

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